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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 20, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>will: there are holes here. the grandmother, mother and baby sleeps here. look at the crib. the bullets travel in this direction in go through the headboard. they travel through this for a signal wall and on the other side is that wall is where he was sleeping with his 16 year old brother. >> i saw my brother coming and he was covered in blood. >>will: the boys mother says she will got to find her bedroom filled with plaster dust. the sixth grader is expected to spend the next three days in
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intensive care at oakland children's hospital. >>will: do you have any idea who would do this? >> i do not have any idea. >> haaziq madyun has been falling the police investigation into this shooting. >>haaziq: multiple gunshots fired in the middle of the night leaving the exterior walls of this home covered with full holes. police say this violet shooting is not a random act. >> this particular home was the intended target. >> you can see where the gunshots penetrated the walls of the home just missing several family members who were sleeping inside. one bullet seriously wounded the 11 year-old boy. >> investigators are looking into the motive.
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fan >>pam: he is to several of -- he is one of several young children that have become victims of gun violence of the last several months.
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>>pam: we invite you to share your comments on facebook in it twitter.
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>>pam: the veteran san jose firefighter injured battling a blaze last month has not been released from hospital. doctors say he suffered a heart attack. he received a round-the-clock support from firefighters to take shifts visiting the intensive care waiting room in the days following his hospitalization. >>pam: the space shuttle endeavor is now in california, continuing its felt weird for into the nation. it's permanent resting place will be in los angeles. charles crawford is standing by with the latest details. >>charles: right now i a.m standing in the headlines.
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right now it is sitting at edwards air force base in southern california. tomorrow, nasa will be sending it on a tour of the state. >> the shuttle is atop a modified 747 and is scheduled to take off from edwards air force base around 7:00 a.m.. if all goes as planned the shuttle made to loops around the bay. in las angeles and there will
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visit several landmarks before landing at lax around and 30 an. m.. we are expecting the shuttle to be in our skies sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. once again, a a.m. the shuttle should arrive here. >> excitement is also building across the south bay, especially at mile -- moffett field. you do not necessarily have to be at moffett field to see the space shuttle. >> the best advice is, please
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be safe if you are in a car and see the shuttle. we recommend that people get close to the water or somewhere near the peninsula. >> the 2500 on-site parking spaces are already spoken for. organizers are encouraging people to arrive as early as 6:00 a.m.. another option is to take the light rail and for the no. 51 bus to reach the entrance gate to moffett field. >> the space and science
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center is going to open early. that should provide some good views of the shuttle. basically anywhere in the baby should have a great deal. it will pass over the golden gate. half sox looked text messages is expected to go into the pacific and travel near the coast. endeavor will then head inland. tests
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>>jaqueline: what a pretty picture from the marin headlands. we are seeing sunshine all around the area. there is not a cloud on the satellite. half
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will will take in look at temperatures, nothing does a little bit of a neighborhood by neighborhood. i >>pam: kron4 has recovered if he did not venture out to see the shuttle for yourself. >>pam: ahead at 5:00 p.m., the chairs are set and the tents are pitched. people are camping out for the iphone 5. we will take you out to the frenzy. san the dirtiest cities in the nation?
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>>justine: coming at 5:30 p.m. i will introduce you to some of these people. this tent as a clean act as an aside, there sparing no expense to be comfortable. we are live in palo alto. >>pam: the readers of travel and leisure magazine are calling san francisco one of america's dirtiest cities. it ranked no. 11 homilists.
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>> this is a prime example of how grungy san francisco county. >> some called pigeons rats with wings, but at least they're cleaning up. i saw a few empty of all contenders but there were smells half that i experienced. this close to overflowing trash can is some evidence that some people pick up, but the ground around here is grimy.
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>>pam: nor lens placed second followed by baltimore and los angeles. >>jaqueline: here is a live look from the golden gate. sunny skies and the fog has completely cleared. in the south bay temperatures in the low 70's. in the north bay we saw in 80
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degree reading in the santa rosa. here is a look a year expected highs for tomorrow.
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>> some hacker groups or claiming responsibility but there is no immediate evidence to support that. some security experts have been warning about possible cyber attacks on banks. j.p. morgan chase has also had some recent problems. the verdict is in. guilty. federal hate crimes have been brought against this man. the ohio man and 15 of his followers, they were convicted of conspiracy, breaking into the homes of rivals and force of the cutting of their hair and beards. hamas people consider that insulting in degrading. it is considered a religious hate crime. he faces prison terms of 10 years or more.
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>>pam: the blue angels live is sponsored, we will bring it all the sights and sounds like hosted by our mark danon into george rask. the blue angels live, saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. we will be a factor. cuff
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>>grant: the lines for the iphone five are getting bigger and bigger. many people are responding to these pictures.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >>pam: there camping out to get their hands on the first batch of iphone five phones. we will take you live to the frenzy and what to expect once you get the phone piffling
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>>pam: and 5:30 p.m., the countdown is on. in just hours, the eyes of five goes on sale tomorrow. people are already camping out waiting to get their hands on this highly anticipated fund. >>justine: if people have been waiting of years since the beginning of the week. the line has only gotten longer. check out what people are doing to stay busy. for all of these people are waiting out here for a cell phone. for >> i just want to be the first ones to get a fifth if
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>> second in line is not so that when you see the line stretching down the street with people waiting the iphone fife. for the first guy in life plaintiffs bought on monday. >> i a.m a big fan of the iphone. forget their new gadget people camped out in tents and on chairs tried to stay confident and busy. >> we have a generator and a television. being patient and waiting now should equal in some gratification later. >> my parents will find out sooner or later.
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>> he is a little sunburned, after being out here since monday. this is usually where steve was neck, earlier today he sent a tweet of of of getting a iphone in australia. >>pam: our coverage continues now, our kron4 tech report gabe slate found more people waiting in line at the san francisco apple store. >>gabe: i a.m in front of the stops in st. apple store. these tents have been here for two or three nights. as i hand them online you'll see that some people have left their names and phone numbers on the chair.
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>> if you order the iphone 5 now or on line it will take up to a month to shifty. that is how much demand there has been for this fund. >>caller: apple and these carriers will open at 8:00 a.m. to sell the iphone 5. i expect there will be long lines in all of these stores. i think it was a lot tomorrow or by monday. unfortunately if he wants in iphone tomorrow or this weekend, he will be in line lines. this and you get a live birth, the better chance you have. if you go to at&t, or verizon, they will try to sell you add-ons' or accessories. lines at those stores tend to go slower. best buy in radio shack will also be selling the phones.
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these stores offer a good no waiting in line option. you can go in person any time to these stores and put down a deposit. the deposit will hold the phone for you. as phones come into these stores they will call you, you can come in and pick it up. doing this should guarantee you a phone within a week or two. it is definitely faster than waiting for a phone order online. if you really do not want to deal with a winds but you are not willing to wait and money is not an issue, there are hundreds of options on the boy -- on ebay. the options are going for over $1,500. that is six times as much it would cause in the store.
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and tune into kron4 is tomorrow morning and we will be covering the launch of the iphone 5. >>pam: a gas station and martina's ignited as a driver accidentally stepped on the accelerator. this is video from u2. the gas station attendant thinking quickly pressed the emergency shut off button stopping the flow of gas. multiple cars are damaged and destroyed before the fires were put out.
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>>jaqueline: tamara, very minimal fog that will allow temperatures to drop. in the north bay we are dealing with some 40 degree readings. sunny skies and warmer temperatures in the '70s and '80s. the warming trend is going to be quite shortlived as we head into the weekend. cooler weather is expected cough >>catherine: the big topic is immigration carry the
5:37 pm
president's visit to your division included tough questions about a 2000 a promise to tackle immigration reform. >> romney spoke at the same form saying that his campaign is about the 100 percent in america, as he deals with the fuss over secretly taped comments in which he seemingly dismissed the 47% to do not pay taxes. while in for romney tried to get back on that message.
5:38 pm
>> it has been a rough couple of weeks for romney and now he is losing a national co-chair, former minnesota gov. tom valenti is leaving to run a lobbying group. the romney campaign is now running a swing state blitz. the next big hurdle could be the october 3rd debate. team obama is trying to lower expectations saying the president has not debated in four years and the army camp is making sure their candidate has a lot of practice. romney reportedly was grilled by his aides in five mock debates in just 48 hours. both candidates are headed back to the bay area. mitt romney has a fund-raiser in hillsborough in the president will be in san francisco october 8th. >> friends and family gathered in san diego for the funeral of one of them men killed in the attack at the u.s. consulate in
5:39 pm
libya last week. he was working private security when a mob attacked him on september 11th. a former navy seal was among four people killed. demonstrators were angry about a film made in the u.s.. an actress who appears in a clip of that film says she will continue to get youtube to pull a trailer. >>pam: another thursday check of the evening commute.
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>>pam: wall street is feeling the pain of weaker economic reports. stocks were mixed across the board. the dow picked up 19 points to close at 13,597. the nasdaq ended at 3176. >> let's start with a big market of state, robert black is joining us. winners and losers. starbucks is getting into single serve coffee machines. >> this is a big market, and
5:44 pm
$8 billion market. soon, you will be able to get them in the macy's and williams sonoma. it is an $8 billion market. starbucks has acquired juice companies and a better sandwiches and now at home as well. >> and mcdonald's, these are high school seniors going off to college. and like the investment and
5:45 pm
not so much on the additional jobs. >> tourism is up because the dollar is down? >> it is a big part of the u.s. economy. the dollar down means that exports are up. it is easier to get a visa at this time. 12 percent of our exports are tied towards tourism. today's a bright spot in the economy. tourism is having a record year . if not we will be closer to a recession. >> nike is looking to buy back some of its stock, $8 billion worth? >> this is an investment story nike is a stock that we can all understand.
5:46 pm
>> in the inland valleys, we are back in the '80s. 86 over and antioch, 81 in livermore. in the north bay, 82 in santa rosa with cooler conditions.
5:47 pm
>> here are your expected highs for tomorrow.
5:48 pm
>> tomorrow will warm. it was a day around the bay area. a disturbance will be moving over us through the weekend. that will bring as increase seabury's wins. cooler temperatures are below average for this time of year.
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>> our new 24-cent news channel is all about convenience. check in any time for five minutes, 15 minutes, that is all it takes to if right down here are a bunch of cities that we cycled through to give the current average is. right next to that we have the city's 70 forecast. below that, the news crawled giving you the latest updates. all of these are updated all the time. you can check to get a quick update on the weather, the news, any time, the information is there. give it a try and give us some .
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♪ >>pam: coming up, and never has landed aedwards air force
5:56 pm
base in california. we have team coverage on where you can best see the shuttle as endeavor makes its last journey to its new home in los angeles. >>jaqu
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
can >>pam: the final flight of space shuttle endeavor headed for the bay area tomorrow morning. >> it should be a great deal. >> straight ahead, when it arrives and where to watch as the spacecraft makes its way to its final home. >>pam: the space shuttle endeavor has arrived in california. nasa is moving the retired orbiter from florida to its new permanent home in los angeles.
5:59 pm
friday morning, the shuttle will make a statewide visit that includes a flyover of the bay area. charles clifford is live in marin county with a preview. >>charles: right now i'm standing in the headlines which is just across the golden gate. it is a beautiful day and hopefully it will be like this tomorrow morning when the shuttle arrived. >> here is the average person, let's take at a school bus, if we zoomed out even further, here is how a 747 with a shuttle sitting on its back compares. it weighs almost two month to 50,000 lbs.. endeavor is scheduled to take off from edwards air force base around 7:00 a.m. and the fly
6:00 pm
north of the central valley making a low altitude pass of the state capital. endeavor will then turn west towards san francisco. we expected to arrive sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. the schedule could change depending on the weather and cloud conditions. the settlement to loops around the bay that will include flyovers of the golden gate and bay bridges. the shuttle could be as low as 1,500 ft.1,500 ft.. after that the shuttle will head south.
6:01 pm
>> all systems are go for what nasa hopes will be a historic conclusion to a historic chapter in america's space program. >> this is a big deal. no-space shuttle has ever been to north and california before. >> the space shuttle tiles were invented here. we did a lot of testing, we have a simulator that every pilot and every commander has come to fly and to learn how to do specialize issues.
6:02 pm
>> at 2500 on-site parking spots have already been spoken for. traffic on highway 101 will be heavy. nasa says the flyby should be visible across a wide area of the peninsula and that everyone should make an effort to see it >> it should be a great deal no matter where you are. >> in the bay area, and denver is expected to pass over walnut creek.
6:03 pm
endeavor will pass over the golden gate or anywhere around the bridge. it should be tremendous. it is then expected to go out into the pacific to make its turn. nasa is recommending viewing locations takahe 80. and bay lands nature preserve and how out so. >> it does look like the weather is gone to cooperate for the flight over tomorrow.
6:04 pm
crystal clear skies of no fog in sight.
6:05 pm
>>pam: to our other big story, and 11 year-old hit by gunfire. >> most everyone was asleep. will tran and takes us through
6:06 pm
the house. >> there are big holes. the grandmother, the mother in the baby also slid here. bullet traveling in this direction went to the headboard in the travel through this particular wall. on the other side of that wall he was sleeping with his brother. >> his mother said she will cut to find her bedroom filled with plaster dust from the bolt holes. >> do you have any idea who would do this? >> i have no idea. >> oakland police investigators have determined that this shooting was not a random act.
6:07 pm
>> we absolutely need their help. the committee knows who is carrying guns in his committing crimes or who was about to commit a crime. the and call in remain anonymous. >> as far as a motive, investigators say they have not ruled out the possibility that the shooting is gang-related. >> he is just one of several young children that have become casualties of gun violence of the last 14 months. dan kerman has more. >> children ages 12 and under getting caught in the crossfire
6:08 pm
in oakland is becoming more common. and the last 14 months we have seen three kids murdered in the three wounded. on august 8th of last year, carlos the novel was hit by a stray bullet. on november 28th of last year, hiram lawrence was shot and killed when gunmen opened fire during the filming of iraq video at seventh and low. police have released these sketches of the male and female suspects that they remain at large.
6:09 pm
>> the and the intended victim of a drive-by on august 25th its full year old was wounded when a gunman shot and her east oakland home. there was a similar hail of gunfire into a home that wounded a young boy early thursday morning. >>pam: it has been nearly three weeks since a vallejo man was shot and killed by police. he was shot inside of its car when police say he reached for his gun. the gun turned out to the appellate gun. today, his family rallied in front of the district attorney's office. >> rallying to file charges
6:10 pm
against police officers that shot and killed the young man and injured as a johnson while the demand sat in front of a car in front of his home. fed the police department claims the shooting happened when mario pulled out what that al was a gun but turned out to be a pellet gun. his family disputes that claim. they're calling for an independent investigation. >> my brother never pulled out a gun or harmed anyone without or weapon. he did not do that to cause his death. >> they stopped their car in within a few minutes the police officers ran around the corner and within moments they're receiving. >> we will monthly until we get justice for mario. >> the family's lawyer says he is reaching out to the u.s. justice department to examine the shootings that have been in
6:11 pm
the pattern is to see if there is a systematic problem. >>pam: decision 2012 and keep up with the election just around the corner. both candidates will be heading back to the bay area to raise money. >> it is apple frenzied time as fans lined up, one of the first get their hands of a new iphone 5. we will say the best places to score one without waiting in line. a hollywood socialite under fire for controversial comments she made while in a taxicab. ♪ i dare you to dare me
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>>pam: sentences go maybe a top tourist destination but some visitors are also calling it one of the dirtiest cities in america. a new poll from travel and leisure magazine iran to the city number 11 on its dirty list. >>maureen: if you do not have to go far to see filth. here is a cajun snacking on a pizza crust and trash is not the only thing making things ed lee. check out this wall covered in graffiti. it looks like someone recently used to this doorway as a urinal. i a.m not sure with this mess
6:15 pm
is that it is mixed with cigarette butts. many people seem to confuse the gutter with a trash can. there's plenty of garbage on this street. i run the corner, i did see some hard at work sleeping up. the city says they're doing a lot to keep things clean but that work has not paid off with travel and leisure readers. >>pam: to bay area cities have been crowned the richest cities in the nation. san jose came in no. 1. this comes from a data for the u.s. census bureau.
6:16 pm
san francisco is the second wealthiest metropolitan city in the country. the average household income of nearly $70,000. >>grant: both candidates will be in the bay area, rummy and nose broke tomorrow at historic strawberry fields. >> the search the local retired firefighter who disappeared from an amtrak train continues.
6:17 pm
san mateo police said to detective to colorado to help police find the 69 year-old. he has been missing since boarding in amtrak train in an revell of the tomato. his family says without his medication he could have become disoriented. >> the firefighter that suffered a heart attack on the scene of the church fire is now out of the hospital. he received a round-the-clock support from fellow firefighters. it water main break will slow traffic through the evening to meet tonight. the water line broke at about noon today on eastbound sir francis drake boulevard.
6:18 pm
the cruiser arrived to begin their repairs. the repair work has shut down all lanes of eastbound sir francis drake boulevard. >> temperatures were a tad bit warmer this afternoon, we will continue the warming trend in to try things to winds out of the north which are fairly strong right now and will continue to be strong tomorrow. it will be short-lived as we move into the weekend of. a look of the door tomorrow morning. temperatures warming quickly into the '70s and '80s. near the close fine temperatures stay in the '60s. by 3:00 we will see more 80
6:19 pm
degree readings. for the east bay stores, temperatures running mainly in the '70s. nearly 70 degrees in berkeley, alameda and oakland. in the north bay, temperatures in the '70s and '80s with more a degree readings and places like napa, sonoma and san rafael. a look a your extended forecast, tamara a little bit warmer but into the weekend, a disturbance is going to move over the bay area bring us more sea breeze when, cloud cover
6:20 pm
and cooler temperatures. that pushes to the east as we move into monday and tuesday. we will continue to see fog monday and tuesday with clear skies and warm temperatures to round out the work week. remember, you can get the latest forecast and temperatures anytime on our new latest forecast and temperatures anytime on our new 24 but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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>>catherine: a cabdriver secretly recorded thirs salt and calling game and a disgusting. her publicist confirmed that the record was authentic but that the quotes were taken out of context.
6:24 pm
>> grainy black-and-white surveillance video shows an encounter between lindsay lohan and a pedestrian she is accused of hitting. he says low hand clinton and hurt his knee. if >> fiona apple was arrested at a border checkpoint for drug possession in west texas. in texas, and the quantity is considered a felony. she spent the night in jail and was released on bond today. you can catch all of your entertainment news here on kron4.
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6:28 pm
>>pam: the clock is ticking before the official release of the iphone 5 tomorrow. we have a behind-the-scenes look on where these bagel tigers live.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> we are expecting the space shuttle endeavor to fly through our if your space on friday morning. the settlement to loops around san francisco bay that will include flyovers over san francisco, oakland, the golden gate bridge or the bay bridge. the shuttle will then head south on the peninsula.
6:31 pm
>> they expect to see the shot emerge from the north, it will drop down to about 1,500 ft. or so working its way from north to south across moffett field on its way south to southern california. >> chp is warning drivers to
6:32 pm
keep moving. anyone who stops along the highway will risk a ticket. >> was this gang-related? in retaliation? why was this house targeted? that is what investigators are hoping to find answers to. >> @ oakland police headquarters, haaziq madyun. >> sadly the wounding of this 11 year-old boy, when you look at children ages 12 and younger in the last 14 months, three have been killed
6:33 pm
in-house >> but they protested in front of the d.a.'s office saying that they will continue to protest until justice is served kofu coming up, i will tell you what of the family is asking >> in san francisco, people have been camping out for days. they have been waiting for the iphone 5 which goes on sale officially in stores tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.. right now if you go on-line it says it will take up to a month's edition. but " be sure to tune into
6:34 pm
kron4 news tomorrow morning, we will be covering the launch of the talks alive. >> the iphone five friends cnn a look at all the people waiting in line to be what it saw horse their hands on the item five. qualcomm cliff the line started mondale cited as a palo alto store. people have tents and coolers of foods that they do not have to leave. they will be here until friday morning at 8:00 a.m.. >> san francisco is being called one of the dirtiest cities in america. we are getting a dirty air. into the levity was ranked in
6:35 pm
12th place. >>jaqueline: our bid with a story, a warm up into tomorrow. today's high temperatures for warmer the we saw yesterday in places like our inland valleys where we saw more a degree readings. a live look outside from the marin headlands. crystal clear skies with no fog in sight. for overnight, very little fog is expected. into the afternoon we will see temperatures mainly in the '70s and '80s. here's a look at those temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. the inland valleys will be in the '80s tomorrow afternoon. along the coastline temperatures will stay cool but a couple of degrees warmer, and the low 60s rock. here is a look at your extended forecast. for the weekend, the sea
6:36 pm
breeze winds will return. cooler conditions and more cloud cover. the fog will remain with us through the start of the next work week. you can always find the latest forecast information anytime on our new kron4 24-7 news channel, comcast channel 193. >>pam: once again, kron4 gives you the best seat to watch some of the most exciting events of the year. it is the blue angels live sponsored by deep. it is a part of san francisco's fleetweek activities. we will bring you the sights and sounds like. it is hosted by our very own mark danon and george rask. saturday, october 6th of.
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>>stanley: enough is enough. that is what residents are
6:40 pm
saying. >> they come in the middle of the day and and down bit in the middle of the street. >>stanley: literally as i pulled up to shoot this segment, the driver of this truck full of trash ask me where the dump was. i checked the plates, the vehicle is registered in some public. it seems like people are coming from far away to dump trash. some parts of oakland have gotten so that you almost cannot drive down the street. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you how bad it has become and how you could help stop people from trashing oakland. >>pam: it has been one year since for bangle tigers joined a tiger already in residence at the oakland zoo. today, zookeeper's gave the media a tour of where the cats live.
6:41 pm
this base outside of public view is used for feeding, training and animal health care the conditions of the panel has been one of most popular exhibits and just one car of the zoo that would benefit from a parcel tax. >> as we have acquired these animals from risky situations we have had to adapt and adjust our space. the more tigers we get, the more space we need. we are not just the city of oakland zoo any longer. we are asking the county to help with our animal care needs frugal like to continue to provide the excellent care that we do and that takes money. you cannot be asking one city to support this facility when we are his throughout the county. >> alameda county voters will be asked to vote on measure a-one and november at about $12 to the individual parcel tax. still ahead, gary is joined
6:42 pm
live by one of the gate tennis players in our area plus, and it is no longer a question of if but rather when the giants will clinch the division title. gary has the latest on sports coming up.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>>gary: good evening. there's no stopping the giants. they're doing it again at the ballpark in san francisco. bruce boce, a tribute alex smith because he cut grief for wearing a giants cap. boce wore a 49ers cap. hobbles them the ball and the giants are headed to the postseason. san a ball hit one right hand. left-handed. 11 home runs on the year. the giants are just cruising.
6:46 pm
gary's ego picked up the win. 9-2 giants. >>gary: the new york giants are leading 17-0 over carolina. but the regular season for brett anderson is over because of an injury.
6:47 pm
>> oakland a's rookies had to dress as rustler's stiff flurry josh donaldson had a base hit and the oakland a's come back and tied in the sixth. the oakland a's were trailing early, but they came back. they lost the first two games to detroit. six runs in the top of the ninth. 12-4 oakland a's tied with baltimore for the first wild-card spot. they are four games up on the angels. again, of baltimore is the nba's tie, it will play tomorrow in a playoff game. the oakland a's are on the yankee stadium. the 49ers at minnesota on sunday. >> what jumps out at you is
6:48 pm
obviously the defensive line.
6:49 pm
>>gary: the raiders, a tough way to look for their first victory on sunday. >> they are obviously well coached team. we have to execute. >> there were some words with the roethlisberger with seymour received a 25 $25,000 fine for
6:50 pm
little business with ban at the end of a football game. tiger woods intimidated by it mcelroy? here they are in a pga tournament outside of atlanta. when we come back, one of the great tennis players in the history of australia. she is in town for a major of and. renee stubbs is here. clicker
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>gary: every year there is a tournament and ran in here it is. it takes place in mill valley did one of the feature attractions, the former no. 1 doubles player in the world, we're calling her the best player to come out of australia just look at her resonate, six grand slams, four doubles, the four consecutive olympics from 96-2008. you retired why? >> at some point we all have to let it go as an athlete. those in my forties costs i still love it serious
6:55 pm
men's tennis and women's tennis is great. the u.s. open is amazing. >> it is difficult for the players to give their time out
6:56 pm
and get their practices in. with this event this week and we have the bryan brothers promoting the event. >> i still put steffi graf at the top only because of the number of grand slams, but selena at her best, she is virtually unbeatable. she serves like a man, it is amazing how hard she hits the ball.
6:57 pm
>> the tennis classic, it is to support all the great things that we have going on in especially the breast cancer foundation. if please come out and support for all the kids. >>gary: we will see you at 8:00 p.m.. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile.
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with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week.
6:59 pm
"gma's" robin roberts' bone marrow transplant today. what her co-host is telling us about her condition. i'm brooke anderson in new york city. "the insider" is on. it's a very important day for our friend robin. >> this journey is as much about the mind as it is the body. >> it's very difficult to watch. >> robin's fellow "good morning america" anchor on her hospitalization. >> as a friend it's a little heartbreaking. >> herof chemo. >> as her tv family and colleagues reach out. >> we want her to get well soon. >> we love you, robin. paris hilton under fire for her offensive taxicab confession.
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